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Concept design & budget

DESIGN – How it works

I have my block of land. What’s my first step?
  • The first step is to consider how much you want to spend on your new home and determine your budget.
  • Your budget dictates what size and style of home that you are able to build.
  • It’s important to remember the other things that you need to finish the home, like driveways, landscaping  and fences. Also the small things like blinds and  furniture. We can help you plan for that.
How much will it cost for Camelot Homes to build my dream home?
  • Our goal is to achieve optimum design and inclusions within your budget.  We will remain mindful of your budget to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment.
  • There are two avenues you can go down here. The Architect design phase or the Draftsman design phase. This will be dependent on your budget.
  • In our discussions with you we can quickly determine which path will be best suited for you. This will be based on our approximate costs per square metre for both.
  • After our discussions we can put you in touch with our designers and the concept phase is underway.


  • We also welcome concepts or completed plans that you have undertaken already.  Send them through to us for an obligation free indicative tender.
What does it cost me to complete the concept design?

When you meet the Architect or Draftsman they will explain the costs associated in developing the concept plans. All the costs will be laid out and explained to you before they start designing.

Does Camelot Homes have standard floor plans?
  • Yes we do! But they are not standard. They are our Signature Floor Plans – we call them starting points to your own custom design. Nothing is standard here and we encourage you to add your own personal touch to any of our designs.
  • If we have something that is suitable, we can prepare an obligation free indicative tender for this home on your block.

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  • This is something that we are the very best at. We have a Signature Inclusion list that exceeds most. We will base the indicative tender on this inclusion list.

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What does it cost for the indicative tender?
  • The indicative tender is obligation and cost free. The indicative tender helps us to determine a budget at an early stage. It is vitally important for you to understand how much your home will actually cost before you move too far down the design process.
  • We will present you with a low range and a high range price range for your home. The finishes of the home will dictate where your home will fall.


  • Once we have received all the required information from you we will endeavour to have your indicative tender to you within three weeks.
Where to from here?
  • If the indicative tender is on, or very close to budget, we can then move forward to our next step, which will be a more detailed design and a detailed tender.
  • If the indicative tender is over budget, we can fix that.  We can work with you and perhaps look at a smaller Signature Design or a reduced design from your architect and we can repeat this process again.
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