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Why build with Camelot Homes.
Vision & Philosophy

Camelot is a company with strong ideals. Our values and philosophies permeate everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principals. We continuously meet our own high demands and have a uniformed and collective idea about who we are and how we approach things.

As a result no matter what other building companies are doing, we at Camelot actively seek to inspire, evolve and innovate and connect with our client, forever committed to perfecting the art of boutique home construction. An ideal that unites us all to create the perfect form.

“The values of honesty, integrity and communication with the client enable their dream home to come to life.”

Tim Lloyd, Project Manager


We have an uncompromising adherence to our strong moral values and it is reflected in the accuracy of our actions every day.

Owner, Camelot Homes
Our Values

Our Ethos

Everything we do is to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We believe in creating the perfect building form and underpinning it with the perfect building process.


Our Mantra

The way we build is by sourcing the best materials and the best craftsmen to assemble the perfect home.


Our Passion

We do not just build the best custom boutique homes. It is embodied in everything we do.

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HIA NSW 2019 Award Winners!

The HIA Housing Awards recognise excellence in residential building and design. Camelot Homes was awarded wins in 2 categories.

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2019 HIA NSW Housing Awards


NSW Medium kitchen of the year

2019 HIA NSW Housing Awards